About Belle Babysitters Ltd

We offer a range of babysitters who will come to your home during the day or evening. They will entertain, feed and bath your child/children and follow their usual routines/bedtime activities, settle them to sleep, and attend to them during the evening should they wake. We also provide Hotel/Motel sitters for those that are on holiday or business in Dunedin. We can (COVID19 regulations depending) also organise multiple babysitters and set up a child friendly area within corporate/sports/wedding and other such events.

We have a great team of babysitters, all are over 18 (most over 20), and include nannies, university students, childcare workers, nurses, teachers, and empty nest parents, many qualified in a child related industry, and all with lots (multiple occasions in a minimum of 2 settings) of practical experience with children and babies.

All our sitters are experienced, thoroughly referenced (2 references minimum, at least one related to childcare) and both personally and police vetted. All have a current first aid certificate. All of our sitters live within the Dunedin area and will have their own transport arrangements to get to and from where you need them.

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Monday: All Hours
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We are available on call 24 hours a day /7 days a week.