About Dunedin Bowen & Wellbeing Clinic

For 15 years we've been proud to provide a variety of wellness treatments tailored to your needs.

Services include, Bowen Therapy, Massage (Deep Tissue & Therapeutic), Body Alignment, Cupping, Energy Work, Crystal Healing.
Over the years, we've had so much success helping reduce pain from injury or trauma, aid healing from accidents, injury, chronic conditions. Posture and body alignment.
Bowen Therapy and energy work is so versatile and non invasive, suitable for expecting mothers, new born babies, the elderly and anyone in-between.
In our treatments we address physical mental and emotional aspects in order to obtain optimum health.

49 Queens Gardens, Dunedin, New Zealand
Monday: 9am - 5pm
Tuesday: 9am - 6pm
Wednesday: 9am - 6pm
Thursday: 9am - 6pm
Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed