About Trusted Touch Therapy Limited

Massage Zone is a professional massage clinic which have been operatied since December 2017 in Dunedin at the lower level of Meridian Mall. We are one of Healthcare Providers of Southern Cross in Dunedin. Our aim is to assist you in maintaining optimal health and wellness at all levels of your wellbeing.
We provide opportunity for both appointments and walk-in customers ranging from 5 to 120 minutes. Our massage techniques vary to meet your needs and include medical relaxation, remedy(deep tissue, sport, rehabilitaion, etc.), pregnancy, and reflexology(with foot spa). We also offer aftercare and home care to optimise the results of the massage.
All Massage Zone therapists are either RMT(registered massage therapist of MNZ) or NZQA qualified or years of massage experience in New Zealand.
We have launched discount policy for Loyalty card holders & bookings.
Southern Cross members can claim for remedial massage therapy with any of our registered remedial therapists if they have one of the following plans:
1. The Wellbeing 2 Health Insurance Plan with the add-on Body Care Module, allows policyholders to claim 100% of their costs up to $500 per year for remedial massage therapy.
2. The Health Essentials plan with Self Care benefits allows policyholders to claim for 75 % of their costs up to an annual maximum of $250 per claims year for Remedial massage therapy.

285 George Street, 达尼丁新西兰
Monday: 9am - 6pm
Tuesday: 9am - 6pm
Wednesday: 9am - 6pm
Tuesday: 9am - 6pm
Friday: 9am - 8pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday: 10am - 5pm