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Whether you have been on the employer journey a while,  or you are thinking about taking on your first,  there is a lot to navigate within employment and health and safety law. 


My name is Deanna Dovey, I am one of the Business Development Partners for Employsure NZ, and I would like introduce myself and Employsure to you. I live in Balaclava, Dunedin and look after the Otago and Southland Regions.  I meet with SMEs everyday,  the huge diversity of different industries we have down here in the South, but also the of the achievements of businesses in my region is just awesome to see. 

Employsure assists small and medium sized businesses navigate the employment and/or health and safety laws, managing and reducing risk.

We provide a comprehensive employment relations and health and safety service, available 24/7 - giving you expert advice at the right time, when you need it the most.

We provide tailored documents and framework for both employment relations and health and safety to suit the business needs, ensuring success in your people management and making sure everyone goes home safe, a 24/7 advice line,  where our team of experts will guide you through the challenges in the workplace and answer any questions you have. Not only do we provide documentation and 24 hour, 365 days a year advice,  we also provide discretionary protection should your business be faced with a claim.


Some of the thing we deal with daily could be (and are not limited to)

  • Performance management, Performance targets
  • Disciplinary Processes
  • Redundancies & Restructuring, health and safety questions.
  • Guidance with employment legislation and health and safety requirements
  • Effective Employment Policies & Employee Handbooks.  Health and safety systems, documentation and handbooks for workers
  • Our 24 / 7 Advice Line for Business Owners/Managers,  for Employment relations and health and safety advice, backed up with documentation needed relating to that advice.


  • If your business/organisation
  • is faced with a claim,  our claims team are here to assist dealing with the claim for you, and coupled with our discretionary protection from Employsure Protect,  your claim may be covered - Ts&Cs apply.
  • Introducing BrightHR and Brightsafe, smart software that transforms your people management. ( see links below)

BrightHR. Introduction to BrightHR


Brightsafe. Introduction to Brightsafe


I would like to organise a complimentary consultation with you,  I will take the time to understand your business needs, now and in the future, and introduce you to how employsure can help,  giving you peace of mind that you will know that you are doing things right,  but also hopefully giving you more time to do the things you plan to do!  Please call me for a confidential chat! I'd love to hear from you.


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