About Insulmax Insulation Otago

Retrofit wall insulation without renovation.

Insulmax® wall insulation is a dry, soft, water resistant mineral fibre manufactured to the highest European standards. It is safe, dry, non combustible and formaldehyde free.

The Insulmax® Retrofit Wall Insulation System is designed to insulate the walls of all styles of New Zealand homes without renovation or removing wall linings. We install through small holes made in the exterior or interior wall lining. The exterior cladding is left almost undetectable and weathertight, with a 50 year written guarantee (excluding paint). Our aim is to leave no sign that your walls have been insulated.

Insulmax® is the affordable, no hassle system to insulate your walls and typically takes only two days to insulate the walls of most homes. Join the hundreds of Kiwi and millions of U.K. families enjoying the benefits of blown mineral fibre wall insulation. Insulmax® is fully compliant with the applicable New Zealand building code clauses and demonstrates compliance using the CodeMark Certification Scheme.

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