About Soper Paua

My name is Mark Soper and I'm a second-generation shell jewellery designer and crafter living in Dunedin. Each of my shell jewellery pieces is handcrafted starting from a raw shell that I grind and polish, including paua, white and black mother-of-pearl, pink mussel, and green-lipped mussel. I take great care in creating each individual piece of jewellery to best showcase that shell's unique colour and lustre. My designs are inspired by traditional New Zealand symbols, primarily the koru fern bud which symbolises new life, new beginnings, and growth.

Have a look through my most popular pieces to order online or send me a message to request a custom piece. I sell my jewellery to shops all over NZ, so this is an opportunity to buy Dunedin made shell jewellery below the retail price. All prices already include GST and I ship worldwide.

Dunedin, New Zealand
Always Open