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TGC Homes | Creating Homes Kiwis Can Be Proud of

TGC Homes has a reputation of being one of the most honest and down-to-earth developers to work with.

They are known for being approachable and easy going - all the while ensuring high quality workmanship with modern yet practical aesthetics. As a locally owned and operated townhouse developer, their goal is to try to address Dunedin’s pressing housing demand, currently estimated at 1,500 homes - and is projected to grow to 4,400 by 2030. 

TGC Homes is one of Dunedin's leading homebuilders of affordable townhouses that reflect current lifestyles. Directors Tom, George and Charles, are dedicated to delivering exceptional homes in prime Dunedin locations. With an in-house design team and on-site project managers, they ensure meticulous craftsmanship throughout the innovative design and build process.

Being a property developer means more than simply building a house for TGC. It means building the right home, in the right location, at the right price. If you are interested in purchasing either a first home, an investment property or looking to down-size, please visit our website for the current developments available to purchase.

Equally, if you have land in the Dunedin area that is suitable for redevelopment, please get in touch.

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