About The Refinery Studio

The Refinery is a bespoke at-home Reformer Pilates studio. Tucked in the hills between Mosgiel and Dunedin our low-impact, high-energy personalized classes challenge everyone at any stage of their fitness journey to get moving and feeling good.

The Refinery combines reformer pilates, strength training and high-intensity methods to lengthen, strengthen and mobilise your body.

Because our classes are small and have minimal bouncing and maximum burning we have the ability to keep you exercising more regularly through injury, body changes and stages and fitness levels. Each session works muscles in all movement patterns and planes this allows us to enhance muscular strength, endurance, stability, coordination, balance and flexibility helping you continue moving.

44 Chain Hills Road, Chain Hills, Dunedin, New Zealand
Monday: 6am - 7am & 5:30pm-8pm
Tuesday: 6am - 7am & 5:30pm-8pm
Wednesday: 6am - 7am & 5:30pm-8pm
Thursday: 6am - 7am & 5:30pm-8pm
Friday: 6am - 7am
Saturday: 7am-12pm
Sunday: Closed