About Truffles and Mushrooms (Consulting) Ltd

Dr Ian Hall's company Truffles & Mushrooms (Consulting) Ltd was established in 2003. This aims to further the cultivation of edible ectomycorrhizal mushrooms in New Zealand and internationally. His other company Symbiotic Systems New Zealand Limited provides advice and technology to exploit the beneficial effects of mycorrhizas in plantation forestry. Pines inoculated with the saffron milk cap are always available. Truffle trees inoculated with either the Perigord black truffle or bianchetto truffle are produced to order. A soil and climate testing services are also available to assess the suitability of sites. Current successes in the region include the production of the bianchetto truffle just north of Invercargill and Central Otago, and Perigord black truffles near Cromwell.

Invermay Agriculture Research Centre, Puddle Alley, Mosgiel, New Zealand
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