About Wesley Jones Law

We are a law firm that wants to get to know you, to help you with your property journey, whether you're a first home buyer, selling and upsizing, looking to subdivide or refinance, or see yourself as a complete property tycoon, we’ve got you covered. Gone is the time of one-size-fits-all: our approach means we hear from you what you’re looking to achieve, and then give you the best advice to get you there. We’re passionate about making sure you’re well informed on your options and choosing the best way forward for you.

We understand that you need certainty when it comes to cost and so our pick and mix services menu, gives you clear and transparent pricing, when it comes to property and many other services, our fees are fixed, they are inclusive of GST, and land registry fees, nothing is hidden, our prices for purchasing a property applies, irrespective of whether or not you have a LIM or Building report or other specialist reports, if we have to negotiate variations to the agreement or the price, we don't add more or turn on the clock! the fees are what the fees are giving you certainty from day one. (our rates including our terms and conditions can be seen on our website wjlaw.nz).

As well as residential property, we love commercial property and work relating to commercial leasing, a \"she'll be alright\" attitude can work, but in an ever changing world, proper documentation of your leasing dealings is the only way forward to give you certainty, whether you are a landlord or tenant.

We also understand that its important to protect your future and your loved ones, and to provide for the next generation, that is why we have a dedicated team, who are passionate about helping you make that happen, be it with powers of attorney, wills, trusts, relationship property agreements or estates, we have you covered, and are always happy to talk to you about these and to help you put your mind at rest.

If you have a business or looking at setting one up, we can help you establish the core processes and business documents, that you need to make it a success, agreements that are enforceable and to protect your interests.

We believe to sticking to our knitting, so if you need someone to take a matter to court, then that's not us, we can certainly recommend someone else, but think its important to know what we do and do it well and to know what we don't and don't do it! We do Property and wanting to help you is our thing and we look forward to working with you soon.

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